Design classics (3) – the Omega Marine Chronometer revisited

One of The Knife’s most frequently visited posts is a short piece on the Omega Marine Chronometer, and I’m lucky enough to have got one. Lots of seventies chic geeks and watch nuts seem to be interested.

It's the one on the right
It’s the one on the right

Somewhat amazingly, there’s been a nice one on eBay for a cool £9,750. Not likely in these times

Close relatives
Close relatives

of austerity. Of more interest is essentially the same watch, although geeks might disagree, but in 18K gold. Quite extraordinary, and very rare, and also on eBay for the still painful price (and counting – it’s an auction) of about £5,500**. Not to everyone’s taste, I would accept, but WAY better than the similarly priced new Rolexes, of various kinds. When it gets sold, the pictures should still be available here.


Might have to sell one of the kids.

** Final price £7700, 42 bids. Not bad frankly.



Tell me again about New Labour, my sweet..

Reading David Laws very finely worded resignation letter, and Dave’s short but smart  response brought The Knife’s thoughts inexorably back to Mandy, in theory an expert in such matters. I have commented before on his complete lack of honour , and Laws has applied a necessary corrective to such typical Mandyesque behaviour. One gets the impression that Laws went of his own volition, and would not have been sacked otherwise. Refreshing, but a loss to government.

Laws’ phrase: “I cannot now escape the conclusion that what I have done was in some way wrong..“, concurs with my thoughts, in the sense that his ‘crime’ was small beer, but there’s a whiff of impropriety somewhere. Resignation was a matter of honour, in the truest sense, rather than his position was untenable.

Which brings us back to the egregious Mandy. Yesterday The Knife posted on Alastair Campbell’s ubiquity, along with a coping strategy. We already  know where Mandy is, thanks to The Mail, he appears to be  chief concubine in the court of Nat Rothschild, the less appealing end of the famous dynasty.

Famous old classics require a lot of maintenance

One can’t help feeling that sooner or later his recherche finances will nobble him again. Where did he get the nice Patek PhillipeAh yes, he refused to discuss it….