The SNP: decline and fall (11)

37.  And so it came to pass….

It’s nice to be right, and it’s been going on in this blog since last September. I mean the specific issue of SNP failure, rather than just well deserved SNP loathing. Most sentient observers could see it too, but much of the feeble media tended not to dwell on the now obvious trend**. The current SNP mob have now had it re independence and the whole Salmond/Sturgeon cult-of-personality-love-in, is a busted flush.

Wonderful. Given that the SNP demand unquestioning loyalty, it’s nice to see tweets like this morning’s:


Obviously it would have been even better if Pete Wishart and Stephen Gethins had lost their seats (stay tuned), but I’m fairly happy.

Scotland is a great country, and the SNP have done it no end of harm.



** this is a typical piece of wise-after-the-event. Honestly, guys


2 thoughts on “The SNP: decline and fall (11)

  1. You certainly predicted change but not this emergent chaos.Is it now going to be succession of chaotic shifts in UK and Northern Britain, with the hidden, papered over and polyfilered cracks opening up and voters even starting to flex muscles they’d forgotten about – or never used before
    #Interestingtimes indeed.

    1. Well, maybe. I am pretty confident it will work out in the big picture – UK, Brexit etc. My concern in the post relates purely to the SNP, but implicitly acknowledging that they have a poisonous aspect that has damaged civic society throughout the UK, and their decline is welcome but not accidental. That said, a period of quiet stability would be nice

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