The SNP: decline and fall (3)

This reminds me of something…

There’s always more. Further two our previous instalments (1, 2), here’s the latest in what passes for  government in Caledonia

14. The SNP gag a journalist,  with a craven performance by his employers

Others have written about this in more detail and more effectively than me, notably Nick Cohen and Iain Martin. Briefly, Stephen Daisley is a very  gifted, witty and fair minded journalist with STV, the main commercial TV station in Scotland. He managed to upset the SNP. I’m not clear why they’re so mad at him, as he’s a proper even handed reporter. I couldn’t guess his personal political views, although he’s probably for the Union, which is, at the time of writing, not a crime. He probably makes them uncomfortable by being genuinely funny. Two SNP clones in particular, Pete Wishart – gurning ‘star’ of the unlistenable Gaelic rock band Runrig – and John Nicolson, a poacher-turned-gamekeeper if there ever was one given his previous incarnation as a bright TV journalist, have been behind this, cooking up various pathetic Twitterstorms between them. The bottom line is freedom of speech is not what the SNP are about. This is Kim Jong Sturgeon territory, and one day they’ll regret it. You do wonder about the pathetic non-response though of many other Scottish hacks, with various notable exceptions. STV of course, who employ a gruesome sycophant Bernard Ponsonby to ‘grill’ politicians, are equally to blame. They are a sorry excuse for a media outlet, and the rest of their stuff is, as they say in Gaelic, pish.

15.  Nicola Sturgeon displays more convoluted bizarre reactions to Brexit

Whatever you think of Brexit (I’m a fan), it seemed pretty clear cut. Despite claims to the contrary, Scotland contains very many Brexiteers (more below), but it gave Sturgeon a vehicle to allege injustice, whine about Indyref 2 etc etc. It became embarrassing a long time ago. The latest harebrained scheme to fool her zoomer fanclub with an illusion of activity was described by the BBC last month:  Ms Sturgeon also called for an “all-Scotland coalition of support for the single market”, and pledged to “work constructively with all relevant parties to achieve the goal of retaining our place in Europe and single market membership.” If anyone seriously thinks the SNP believe in any form of coalition they’re seriously deluded. That and the daft scheme is not actually possible, which I would describe as something of a sticking point. 

16. The SNP is harbouring unrepentant Brexiteers

The constant claim that Scotland voted to remain is a bit undermined by Alex Neil’s amusingly direct comment that he voted Leave, and so did a bunch of other Nats. This sort of expression of democracy could be dangerous under a totalitarian regime. The SNP’s crack legal team are currently determining whether the UK wide abolition of the death sentence for treason (in the Crime and Disorder Act, July 1998) still applies to Scotland, which achieved devolution in the Scotland Act (November 1998).  Alex Neil shouldn’t be complacent.

As fellow traitor and lickspittle running dog Jim Sillars has rightly observed, Sturgeon’s tongue is running ahead of her brain over Brexit. Nothing new there.

….to be continued…

Scottish National Party Hold Their Annual Conference
…ah, there it is

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