Heraclitus meets Donald Trump

From one of the awesome Victor Davis Hanson‘s outstanding and very readable history meisterwerks,   Ripples of Battle. Trump gets this, Hillary doesn’t, and nor does the UN. I think the US electorate are with Trump (and Heraclitus) on this, one of the reasons for my prediction of 6 months ago. Hanson, I should add, published it in 2003, two years after 9/11, and long before the Daeshbags of ISIS. A prophetic piece of work


2 thoughts on “Heraclitus meets Donald Trump

  1. Well I too am with Heraclitus on this. But I’d be surprised if Trump got it in any conscious way, or that he would know what to do with the knowledge if he did have it. He certainly doesn’t think people who start wars are terrible people: cf his public admiration for and defence of Putin (who most certainly does get it). The idea that Trump could effectively protect US or wider Western interests is just laughable – except that it isn’t funny.

    1. Thanks Richard. I think the problem is that the war is still on. The initial Afghan conflict was essential, but Iraq and its aftermath and the shenanigans of Obama /Hillary and the various politically inspired sideshows have obscured the fact that the war begun on 9/11 (with its preceding events) is still there, but not being prosecuted properly. Heraclitus would recognise this. The practical issue is that Hillary has already demonstrated her uselessness and dishonesty in this area. I believe that Trump would pragmatically take advice whilst avoiding gung ho ‘gestures’ – like Iraq. I could be wrong about Trump, but I’m certain about Hillary. I’ve literally just spent the afternoon in the astounding 9/11 Memorial Museum. It’s a war and it is crazy to think otherwise. How it ends is what matters now

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