St Patrick’s day, again


The Knife is about 75% Irish by blood: Sligo, Roscommon and Cavan. So not the funnest parts of the place. Whenever I’ve been there though, I feel as English as I always have, try as I might to find my inner Plastic Paddy.

When I was a lad this was the day we all wore a green ribbon with a plastic harp on it at primary school, which was never really explained to us. My schoolmates with Irish parents – as opposed to grandparents and further back – had the added benefit of hanging out at the local Shamrock Club at weekends, which was generally a bit of a riot.

However, I’m proud of the Irish heritage and I have to admit, they are a unique people. The most spontaneously funny person I’ve ever known was Norn Irish, and some of the baddest , most ruthless characters in living memory have been too – try Kevin Myers’ astounding memoir, Watching The Door.

The Simpsons got it right with this perfect juxtaposition (which is mainly Irish, as you’ll see)


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