Trumpton riots

against trump

At the time of writing, the result of the New Hampshire primary is unknown, but the event begs the question: why do intelligent Brits ostensibly fail to get Trump’s popularity? Why are British hacks so full of spite to him? What is it they don’t understand about the USA, where Trump is undoubtedly very very popular?

I can’t answer all those questions, but I did ponder it a while ago. Plenty of smart Americans don’t take to him – witness the National Review Online hatefest to the man, involving numerous great writers. Personally, I’m agnostic on the issue to a large extent, but as a Brit who loves the US, for me it’s anyone but the Dems.

Helpfully, CapX, which is British based, and run by the terrific Iain Martin (who loathes Trump), has published a superb reader’s letter, by a William Davis of Wisconsin. He makes his points well:

I am one of those mysterious Trump voters, who the neocons can’t seem to find (Trump supporters are new and unknown – 25th January 2016) I am a Libertarian minded person, I make $35K per year as a self-employed individual, and I have observed for awhile now that the US federal government is a runaway train. They have accumulated $200 trillion of debt liabilities, and the jokers in Washington just keep chugging along as usual, colluding as they see fit to take home the pork to their respective states.

I disagree with Trump’s economic protectionism, his over-the-top nationalism, and find his personality grating and boorish. But he is the only candidate that I feel certain can unseat the far worse presidential alternatives in the Democratic party, who are strong race baiting, class hating socialists, and who would escalate our financial ruin far more dramatically than I perceive Trump as doing. We are already losing our incentives to work hard, with overall taxes approaching 50% on the average American. Push us much further, and that 90 million figure of people in the U.S. already choosing not to work will rise exponentially. Then, when production grinds to a halt, GDP plummets, and the burden on already broke social programs escalates, the meltdown of what was once the greatest bastion of freedom and prosperity the world has ever seen will be realized. The economic reverberations throughout the world will be devastating.

Trump may not be the answer to getting the U.S. back on track. But the alternatives offer far worse odds than Trump.

I thought Obama’s prolonged egotistical antics were pushing people to Trump. The prospect of the appalling Hillary is sealing that deal. And as Rod Liddle rightly says, one advantage of there being a President Trump would be the unalloyed delight of seeing the kind of people who’d be most upset.

trump salmond
Seriously, there’s a lot worse than Trump out there



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