How to explain the Trump roll

There are quite a few people who are keen to slag Trump off, which one can understand, he always gets a reaction.

They’re not so good at explaining his popularity. Despite received opinion in the UK, the US is far from being an unintelligent or xenophobic society. The standard of public debate, despite media allegiances, is actually extremely high, and entertaining.

Here’s the best concise explanation that I’ve seen of Trump’s momentum, from William Murchison in The American Spectator:

One understands the Trump phenomenon better and better. DT’s a boor and a patent medicine hawker. But he’s also the antithesis of Obama, and he’s benefiting from a real and rising sense that the man currently charged with leading his country isn’t up to the job. He’s perhaps not up to any job requiring mettle and candor over self-righteousness and evasion.

He’s the anti-Obama, and in times like these, that seems to be enough**.

Actually, there’s a lot worse than Trump out there


**This alternative explanation by the normally sane Kevin D Williamson,  that Trump is actually a homoerotic icon, is too ghastly to contemplate


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