Twattish comments: an occasional series – Stephen Kinnock

If your parents are legendary EU spongers Neil and Glenys Kinnock, you might find flip references to stopping societal parasites from breeding a bit uncomfortable, but that didn’t stop ‘son of the valleys’, and noted Switzerland/Copenhagen resident Stephen Kinnock from making a particularly stupid observation a while ago, regarding the tax credit issue:

Kinnock said as well as having “moral and ethical” problems with the policy it was not practical. He asked how parents would prove they deserved to be exempt from the new stricter rules, for example if a mother had become pregnant as a result of rape. “Are we going to be asking women to go to the DWP and prove how their pregnancy came about?” he asked. “It’s simply not pragmatic and it is awfully reminiscent of some kind of eugenics policy.”

In case you assume from this bizarre tripe that eugenics is something to do with economic theory, it is in reality the basis of much of the Nazi’s philosophy, and if there are parallels these days, you’ll find them in the lucrative global abortion industry and the remaining communist regimes, not in Tory benefits adjustments. Possibly one of the most stupid applications of Godwin’s Law yet.

What a moron.

Definitely the same gene pool
Definitely the same gene pool

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