Corbyn is a rubbish Marxist compared to Blair

Rudi: channeling One Direction
Rudi: channeling One Direction
There’s nothing original in this observation, but Peter Hitchens summarises it so well that I’ve pinched a chunk of his Mail on Sunday column. It’s been noted previously that New Labour adopted the tiny Marxist Antonio Gramsci’s ‘cultural hegemony’, revamped by noisy revolutionary Rudi Dutschke, a sort of intellectual German Tommy Sheridan, as the  “long march through the institutions”, to change the nature of Britain, and its public life, by stealth.

They pretty much succeeded, with the best example being the rule of much of what we do by quango, and the people who still control these mostly pointless bodies.

Here is the mighty Hitchens:

The continued rage about Jeremy Corbyn’s rather dated Leftism baffles me. Most British journalists weren’t (as I was) members of the Labour Party in the 1980s. In the months before I quit, I used to be angrily called to order by the chairwoman of my local party. She was cross with me for (as she put it) provoking too much heckling from noisily pro-IRA, ban-the-bomb types.

Meanwhile, the real Left worked by stealth. That is why our political media never understood that the Blairites were in fact far more Left wing than Jeremy Corbyn. The Blair faction’s ideas came from a communist magazine called Marxism Today. The magazine, in turn, got the ideas from a clever Italian revolutionary called Antonio Gramsci. He wanted a cultural revolution, a Leftist takeover of schools, universities, media, police and courts (and of conservative political parties too). That is exactly what New Labour did.

An astonishing number of senior New Labour people, from Peter Mandelson to Alan Milburn, are former Marxist comrades who have never been subjected to the sort of in-depth digging into their pasts that Jeremy Corbyn faces. Why is this? Is one kind of Marxism OK, and the other sort not? Or is it just that most political writers are clueless about politics?

To the list above, add many of the institutions of the medical profession and the NHS. There is one impressive thing about these mad lefties – they often had big hair.

The tiny Marxist himself
The tiny Marxist himself

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