The Concubine: part 10 – the end of an era

When I think about it, 30 years would be a very good innings, more than most people manage as an NHS surgeon, which is my job. So when I consider the career arc of Peter Mandelson, I have to admit being slightly impressed, despite my feelings about him, and his poisoning of British public life.

I refer to his original appointment, by Kinnock in 1985 and well before the Blair era, when he became their director of communications, all the way through to his satisfyingly egotistical and stupid bid this last few days to fix the Labour leadership for Burnham, in order to stop Corbyn. In classic style, they’re all denying it.

Even in his pomp, which was the short period from about 1994 to 2004 he was incapable of behaving properly, but at least he was in power and wielding it. Thereafter was a slow trajectory of decline involving money grabbing, dodgy friends, EU shenanigans and setting himself up for a lucrative future. The dismal attempt with Alastair Campbell to create a Lab/Lib government in 2010 was probably his last chance at glory, and characteristically involved stabbing Brown in the back.

So now, with his latest misjudgement exposed, we can bid farewell to the Concubine of New Labour. Surely this is it. It would be asking too much for him to take Campbell with him, I suppose?

Cabinet meeting circa 2001
Cabinet meeting circa 2001

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