Gnostic Eck is repeating history

Burke,  waving goodbye to the Nats
Burke, waving goodbye to the Nats

The Knife keeps coming across the many similarities between the raving Scots Nats and their various cults – Salmond, Sturgeon, mysterious economic sunny uplands – and the Jacobins, who were also, ultimately, losers. The SNP are, as Gerald Warner pointed out in this very funny piece, a Gnostic sect, of the kind described by the heroic and perceptive Erich Voegelin, who had to flee another sect, the National Socialists.

Here is a much quoted piece from Edmund Burke, in his Reflections on the Revolution in France. For Christianity, read Westminster, the UK, English people, non-SNP voters etc

“The literary cabal had some years ago formed something like a regular plan for the destruction of the Christian religion. This object they pursued with a degree of zeal which hitherto had been discovered only in the propagators of some system of piety. They were possessed with a spirit of proselytism in the most fanatical degree; and from thence, by an easy progress, with the spirit of persecution according to their means. What was not to be done towards their great end by any direct or immediate act, might be wrought by a longer process through the medium of opinion. To command that opinion, the first step is to establish a dominion over those who direct it. They contrived to possess themselves, with great method and perseverance, of all the avenues to literary fame. Many of them indeed stood high in the ranks of literature and science. The world had done them justice; and in favour of general talents forgave the evil tendency of their peculiar principles. This was true liberality; which they returned by endeavouring to confine the reputation of sense, learning, and taste to themselves or their followers. I will venture to say that this narrow, exclusive spirit has not been less prejudicial to literature and to taste, than to morals and true philosophy…. The resources of intrigue are called in to supply the defects of argument and wit. To this system of literary monopoly was joined an unremitting industry to blacken and discredit in every way, and by every means, all those who did not hold to their faction. To those who have observed the spirit of their conduct, it has long been clear that nothing was wanted but the power of carrying the intolerance of the tongue and of the pen into a persecution which would strike at property, liberty, and life.”

It’s the equivalent of the rebels taking over the radio station, you have to control the message. I wouldn’t wish to suggest that the current self-appointed Scottish ‘intelligentsia’ have the skills or brains to succeed in this, but they certainly try. The internet being uncontrollable doesn’t suit this style, hence the vicious attacks of the Cybernats, to try and drive people off Twitter etc.

Burke was writing 225 years ago, and only one year into the French Revolution. It’s maleficence was already crystal clear to him.

There really is nothing new under the sun


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