Islamic terror: the O’Neill drone strike

Well over a year ago, Brendan O’Neill wrote this brilliant, prophetic piece. On a day like today it should be republicised, for its obvious truth. Here is O’Neill today on the attempts to violently crush freedom of speech ( It’s important to realise that this was written before the rise of ISIS. As he pointedly states: ‘Enough’

The Knife and me

Tidying up. Again. Tidying up. Again.

One of the risks of blogging, as it’s so easy to do, is to end up recycling whatever catches your eye. Nothing absolutely wrong in doing so, but it’s all very reactive and samey after a while. Anyone who reads this blog will be aware that I have a big problem with both the facts of Islamic terrorism and the way the decadent West fails to acknowledge it properly, thus making it worse. It is actually very tricky to encapsulate such an enormous and dangerous area, without either missing something out, or descending into vitriol without value.

Well on this topic, it’s now ‘job done’.

Brendan O’Neill, of Spiked, the Telegraph and elsewhere, has always been a superb writer, swimming in the countercurrent. He is also a man of impeccable tolerant liberal credentials.  I wish I could have written this, it is simply brilliant

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