#Indyref: reductio ad Salmondum?

It’s such a cliche to compare people to the Nazis, even if it occasionally seems appropriate – Godwin’s Law makes this point, otherwise known as reductio ad Hitlerum.

Mostly though it’s just in the form of gratuitous personal insults. Here, happily, I can present modest proof of where the Scottish Nationalists overlap with the National Socialists of yesteryear. Werner Best was an SS Mister Fixit for Hitler, who, when he wasn’t trying to run occupied Denmark, was dreaming up ideas for postwar Europe. Postwar as in after a German victory.

From page 464 of Michael Burleigh’s indispensable Third Reich history:


Collaborators “toadying to remoter centres of power” might put one in mind of Eck continually sucking up to the EU, if you were being unkind.  As Burleigh goes on to state, in exquisite phraseology, referring to ‘Celt’ nationalists of the time :

These people  were parochial in every negative sense of the word, the fascistic, resentful face of petty nationalism everywhere..

I know it’s getting boring, slagging off the Indyref losers like this, but frankly, you can’t hit them hard enough. As long as Eck craves the spotlight, getting off on dreams of a return to his real love (Westminster), and as long as Nats like Nicola Sturgeon  drop hints of a further destructive referendum, one feels obliged to put the boot in.

When UKIP  get slagged (correctly) for their parliamentary associations in Europe, however tenuous, it seems entirely fair to make these valid and factual historical points.  Having used one cliche already, I won’t repeat Santayana’s classic phrase, instead Baruch Spinoza, from about 340 years ago seems to get it about right:

If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past.


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