The selfishness of the Nats

Not now, I'm busy
Not now, I’m busy

Of all the many arguments for voting No in the recent Scottish referendum, one had sort of passed me by till I caught up with a recent Spectator. Here is (Scottish) hack, Hugo Rifkind, providing the bigger picture:

I’ve been in Scotland these past few weeks, gearing up for the referendum. You’ve heard about that? It hasn’t passed you by? Oddly, of all the people to whom I spoke — and there were hundreds — the one who sticks in my mind was an incredulous Dutchman. I don’t remember the exact words he said to the ‘yes’ campaigner at his door, because I didn’t write them down. But the gist was this.

‘You’re mad,’ he said. (Or didn’t, but nearly did.) ‘And selfish. Selfish and mad. Have you seen how screwed up the world is? All the evil? Ukraine? Isis? Boko Haram? Holland can’t do anything about that — we’re tiny. Britain can. And you want to leave it. Because you don’t care about anybody except yourselves. How do you sleep?’

Not an argument I’d heard before. Doubt Scots would really have gone for it. But my God, it sounded good on that front step.

I always knew Eck was a self-centred thug, but it’s nice to hear it confirmed by one of our European brothers.


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