The Alex Salmond reader. We shall not see his like again.

The Knife’s objections to Salmond and his crony government are on record back to 2010. This blog doesn’t get high traffic, but it does alright. One of the single most read posts is The second Lockerbie Disaster, which is not about parochial Scottish politics as such, but it includes Salmond due to his role in the release of a mass-murderer, convicted by a Scottish court. The complexities of pragmatically dealing with international issues can’t hind the moral vacuum in which that decision was taken, and in which Salmond and his still extant idiotic colleague Kenny MacAskill, were key players. It was followed by reams of misleading rubbish about a serious subject – prostate cancer – to cover their tracks. Dismal.

So, long before the referendum we were on Eck’s case, and much more so in the prolonged and frequently tedious build up to the day itself.

For my own purposes, as much as for any passing readers, the following is a compilation of The Knife’s Greatest Hits, as applied to our lost leader. Most of the predictions came true, and some of it is still worth reading, I hope.


The Second Lockerbie Disaster

Buffoon of the decade

The Megrahi Miracle

Scotland in crisis: SNP in charge!

Gaddafi escape plan: world exclusive!

Lockerbie, Lockerbie, Lockerbie

King Eck

In other news (Libyan edition)…

New lottery winner!

How to patronise an entire nation (Scotland)

Alex Salmond: my part in his downfall

Megrahi still alive, Salmond stunned

Alex Salmond – a nation mourns

Tales of the Unexpected: the Alex Salmond episode

Knifonomics (part 36): skewered Salmond

China: our new friends in the East

Salmond: phone tapping revealed

Alex Salmond – you can’t take him anywhere

Salmond: roll on 2014

Comrade Salmond

Alex Salmond: three years…three months, what’s the difference?

Alex Salmond – Smug Bawheed on back foot shocker!

Alex Salmond: may you be stewed and boiled by a high fever, you son of a dog

Such a parcel of rogues in a nation...
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation…

4 thoughts on “The Alex Salmond reader. We shall not see his like again.

  1. I never liked him, nor do I like her. She at least seems clever, with the exception of how she handled MRSA (how I miss my white coat- all her fault) apparently all due to her Gran contracting it whilst in some filthy hospital in one of the Yescities.

  2. His resignation can only mean that as part of The Vows he’s going to get a peerage.

    Like all commies, he surely finds the lure of the ermine irresistable.

  3. A stunning example of how the general public get their news:

    Mother in law was over today. Mrs Miller and she were chatting, saying how Gordon Brown came up trumps again!

    Now, neither of them has any interest in politics, but the had vaguely followed the referendum. The No vote was in trouble until General Gordon arrived on the scene! “How do you work that out?” says I, showing them Guido’s graph showing the Yes vote gaining 17% since GBH joined in. “Well, that’s not what a journalist in the Daily Mail says” they point out.

    And the name of this “journalist”? One Damian McBride…

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