#indyref ~ an idiot’s guide to the Scottish referendum

Something YMCA here
Something YMCA here

Amidst a slew of overblown Salmond eulogies, it’s possible to construct a concise and definitive guide to what’s just convulsed – and nearly wrecked – Scotland.

How it came to beCharles Moore’s summary is perfect analysis and writing. Actually stunningly insightful, however pretentious that sounds. You could call it ‘how the hell did we end up  here?’.

The arguments for No are summarised by THE hero of the intellectual stramash, Adam Tomkins, in this piece from near the end of the campaign. It’s no surprise that Nats tried to avoid him in debate. He runs rings round them.

A good argument for the Yes campaign has escaped my attention, although I did try. Perhaps a typical effort can be found here. It’s rubbish.

The post-match analysis is from Euan McColm, one of the many Twitter stars (@euanmccolm) of the whole shebang, a great Scots journalist, and very very funny, when he’s not being serious. Salmond was no hero/titan/colossus/visionary. Sorry lads.

Finally, in the interests of humour, as many of the main players have certainly earned our undying contempt, I recommend Gavin McInnes and Kevin Marx – witty, penetrating analyses etc etc.

That’s nearly it. Except read this by Michael Deacon, which is the reality for most people. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate – and I’ve seen a lot of horrible things.

Thank God it’s over.



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