Maledizione! Prof Ashton and the politicisation of medicine

Politicians interfere with healthcare. We can all agree on that.

Doctors generally avoid party politics relating to health, whatever their private views.

However, when they do indulge, it’s often terrible.

Hence 10 months ago The Knife pointedly criticised Britain’s ‘top’ Public Health guru, Prof John Ashton. Public Health is a tricky specialty, as while it does a lot of good, and has a tremendous heritage (vaccination etc), it also allows exciting branching out into social engineering and nanny state projects, inevitably all funded by the taxpayer.

Prof Ashton, some would say, used a bully pulpit with the Faculty of Public Health to promote his pet schemes shot through with a lefty ideology. It was not a pretty sight.

The estimable Christopher Snowdon of the IEA has been calling him and people like him out for ages, with great success. Most recently it’s all been about e-cigarettes, which do in fact help people quit smoking.

Ashton  goes on Twitter in a foul mouthed rant.

Then he resigns!

See those ‘top’ doctors…

We were happy then...
We were happy then…

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