Forgive me @BurleighMichael, @georgegalloway

I’ve been blocked on Twitter, twice, I found out today, purely by chance. I’ve been consistently rude about Salmond, Blair, Alastair Campbell etc, but it’s none of them. I’m sure whoever manages their Twitter accounts barely glances at the content.

But @BurleighMichael after all I’ve done to praise you! The books I’ve bought, read and revered. And now I’m not even allowed to follow you.

Likewise @georgegalloway, a man whom I frequently praise, a man to whom I wrote a laudatory epistle after he gave Blair a bloody nose in in 2005 (at the expense of the blameless Oona King). A man who has actually FAVOURITED and RETWEETED me in days of yore, won’t now let me retweet or follow  him.

Why, why,why?

The bizarre thing is, , I’m baffled why these gurus would give a monkeys about my tiny contribution to the internet and Twittersphere. Listen, I’d be happy to have one more follower, it’s too easy for you two .

You don’t get this sort of cruelty from @rupertmurdoch, or @KimKardashian, let me tell you.

Stupid bird
Stupid bird



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