Election day!

The always witty Tim Stanley, the most grounded ‘posh boy’ out there, has got UKIP’s popularity in one:

As a Ukipper might put it, a vote for Ukip is to vote against “those high taxing, crazy spending, wind farm building, country-side demolishing, latte drinking, yoga practising, Taliban tolerating, bearded lady loving, over regulating, cigarette banning, French speaking, politically correctifying, Christian bashing, Dawkins reading, border opening, Daily Mail burning, unpatriotic, suit wearing London snobs who tell the rest of the country that they need to be more egalitarian while sending their own kids to independent schools and jetting off to India to rediscover themselves every six months.” Polly Toynbee, for short.

Well, when you put it like that Tim..

As he points out, the Euro election is basically a risk-free protest vote, of an enticing kind, and will not reflect the general election in less than a year from now

The good news for the establishment is that however Ukip do on Thursday, they’ll do much worse afterwards. The party has become defined now as nationalist and the British actually hold it as part of their national identity to reject nationalism. But we can probably still expect a significant protest vote this week, one that will perplex the tiny elite who run our country and try to dictate its tastes and beliefs.

Tim Stanley used to be a Marxist, Rod Liddle is still a member of the Labour Party (as far as I know), and if you read him here on the Romanian v German debate, you will see exactly how professional politicians fail/refuse to see things as the average voter does (it’s funny too).

I’m off to vote.

Top left, the island
Top left, the island

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