Planet Ed


Damian Thompson recently compared Ed Miliband to Smiffy, from the Bash Street Kids. I have to say that it is uncanny how he meets the Beano’s own description of Smiffy (“not exactly the brightest kid around”).

I quote their website:

Smiffy’s as bright as a coalmine at midnight

Smiffy sees things in his own unique way and that means sometimes people think he gets things wrong….that’s because he really does get things wrong. Quite a lot!

But he’s happy in his own little world! ‘Planet Smiffy’ is probably a strange (but nice) place to live!

Sadly it rings true, despite Ed’s plaintive request to be considered ‘more intellectually confident’ than Dave.  That didn’t work out.


However, back in 2010 The Knife identified Ed more closely with another comic character, Viz’s Terry F***witt.

Consider this:

(His) regrettable flaw is that he continuously mistakes situations, objects and people for things they are not. He is cross-eyed and has wirey black hair in a style resembling dreadlocks, and wears outdated 70s platform shoes. …. He lives with his parents, both of whom despair at his stupidity, and often make unsuccessful attempts to get rid of him. In one strip he responds to an employment advert that states, “C*** Wanted”. Upon realising that he has done something stupid, Terrence usually exclaims, correctly, that he has “shit for brains”.

To be fair, Ed doesn’t have dreadlocks.

Smiffy: I'm sure of this one
Smiffy, I’m sure of this one





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