Mili E: A warning from (recent) history

In 1997,  coincidentally when New Labour got in to power, there was a fine TV documentary on the Nazis called The Nazis: A Warning from History. I always liked that title. The very brief synopsis was “…how a cultured nation at the heart of Europe allowed Hitler to come to power”. Not that I’m for one second comparing Labour to the Nazis.  Genuinely. I want to avoid Godwin’s Law.

However, the shocking thought is that today, just over a year till the general election, Ed Miliband, Balls, the whole rotten crew may be looking good to get back into power. I say ‘may’ because of the polls, which may be narrowing, but  it actually seems incredible to me given the damage that they wrought that they’re still not locked up.

Here is Iain Martin in the Telegraph, with a neat and scary summary:

 …(the) Labour leadership’s growing confidence that the Tories are stuffed and Miliband is on course to win the next general election. The party has a poll lead. While it is not impossible to envisage the rough positions of the two biggest parties (38 points to 32 points) being reversed if the economy booms and Cameron has a good campaign, it will be very difficult for the Tories to pull it off.

With 14 months to go, Miliband and his team see victory looming only six years after Labour presided over the biggest economic disaster in seven decades, which hit Britain particularly hard because of calamitous mismanagement based on the insane idea that boom would never turn to bust. That fatal, hubristic miscalculation meant that it was regarded as somehow fine for Britain to build an epic pile of private debt and expand the banking system from 143 per cent of UK GDP in 2000 to 450 per cent of GDP by the time of the crash. It left the UK especially badly exposed when the inevitable downturn came. From the ashes of all that, the country may well get an Ed Miliband premiership. You have to hand it to him. In the circumstances it is an achievement even getting this close to power. Quite extraordinary really.

Ed Balls on left. Keble college book pictures
Ed Balls on left. Keble college book pictures


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