Comedy gold: Nick Clegg

The Knife regularly quotes Iain Martin, who is both funny and remarkably switched on. He also seems to loathe Nick Clegg, which is never a bad sign. Here he is, in his end of year summary (worth reading it all):

The most annoying thing about Nick Clegg:

It has been another outstanding year in this category. From beginning to end the Deputy Prime Minister has stayed relentlessly focused on being incredibly annoying. How does he maintain such consistent standards? He makes it look so easy, with his endlessly pious tone and sad voice, punctuated by little sighs when someone asks a question he doesn’t like. Then there are the terrible speeches delivered as though they have been assembled on an app which strings together assorted liberal platitudes. And don’t forget his determination to turn Britain into a cut-price version of Belgium in which the Liberal Democrats are always in power. Expect more in a similar vein from Mr Clegg in 2014.

Classic Clegg
Classic Clegg

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