How not to be a fantasist

..I used to be Foreign Secretary...
..I used to be Foreign Secretary…


Every now and then you get someone who seems to be a little bit too much into self-promotion, to the point where you doubt they’re telling the truth. In hospitals you frequently meet people who claim acquaintance with the big cheeses in their specialty, however unlikely it may seem. It can be irritating, but mostly it probably stems from insecurity.

Likewise, out in the real world you come across stories like that of “Brandon Lee”, a 32 year old who pretended to be 18 to get into medical school – and succeeded. However, if you’re going to lie about things, make sure it’s something that is actually worth bragging about.

Which brings me to “Dr” John Handley – the live in lover of the lady mayor of Basildon

 He claimed to have a PhD (not bad), and “that US President Barack Obama had asked for his help on the Edward Snowden scandal, and boasted that he had worked for Hillary Clinton, helping her fight a smear campaign suggesting she was a lesbian”….er, unusual, but vaguely prestigious.

However, what clinched it for me was his ultimate claim to greatness:  “he still exchanges Christmas presents with David Miliband”.

Frankly, I would keep that one quiet.



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