“walls are for physicians”

This was mentioned in the previous post, but I thought it needed a bit of clarification.

A while ago The Knife was at a conference on surgical education. This is not normally a thrilling sort of event.

A surgeon was describing one of his previous bosses, I think in an attempt to sum up a certain kind of aggressive, reactionary archetypal consultant surgeon, and not necessarily to praise this archetype either, in what is now a more touchy-feely age.

As he explained, his former boss instructed the trainees thus:

“When you work on my team, you walk down the CENTRE of the corridor. Walls are for physicians!”

Everyone there knew what he meant. He wasn’t being sexist, the female surgeons in the room loved it too.  However, the usual disconnect was evident – the faculty tutted disapprovingly, while us plebeian types nodded at this sage advice. In case you’re confused, in the UK, a physician is a purely medical doctor – stethoscope and prescription pad – with a self-nominated reputation for being brainy, and a somewhat better justified reputation for being…er….difficult to get hold of.

You’re lucky to get one truly memorable moment at  such conferences – WAFP was it for this one.


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