The poisoner of the public discourse

Interesting stuff. The Knife recently blogged on The Madness of Alastair Campbell, who just keeps popping up to rant at us. I pointed out that:

Campbell shows no insight, no sense of atonement, and no signs of being happy.

Which seems, at least superficially, to be the case.  Sean Thomas, who has a wealth of ‘interesting experience’,  has just addressed this topic, in lacerating detail:

Campbell is not insane. He is a clever man. He is also – as he has admitted – an ex-alcoholic, given to depression. He has dark times. And I’d wager that during those dark times, he thinks about the dead of Iraq, the ongoing violence, the dodgy dossier, and David Kelly, and all that, and he feels seriously bad about himself.

So what does he do about it? Attack others. This is psychologically predictable: Sigmund Freud told us guilt, self-hatred and suicidality can be externalised as sadistic violence. That’s why Campbell’s bullying has become unhinged.

Thomas’s blogpost is well worth reading. This blog started, several years ago, with this post on Tony Blair’s apparent need for atonement, and as an aside, Campbell’s lack of any such redeeming impulse. Nothing has really changed, but Campbell seems to be creeping closer to some sort of edge.

Campbell, looking relaxed as ever
Campbell, looking relaxed as ever

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