Ed Miliband: intelligent and honest?

Just now, it’s frustrating in the extreme that Ed “F******” Miliband’s outrageous and ignorant behaviour as a cabinet minister is not being plugged on every news bulletin that raises the subject of energy prices.

As with fuel, the public are being deceived as to how much of the cash that they have to hand over is going directly to the government. Cash cows, dressed up as noble “environmental” causes.

Well, Christopher Booker, a hero of our times has a nice turn of phrase:

One thing that marked out Miliband during his brief spell as energy and climate change secretary was that he was so naively obsessed with the “climate change” bit of his job description that he seemed completely to overlook the “energy” bit. Not once did he show any understanding of how electricity is made or how we are to keep our lights on. He could never have begun to explain in practical terms how we could hope to cut carbon emissions to their lowest level since the early 19th century without closing down virtually our entire economy – let alone how, in the short term, we can comply with his Climate Change Act without doubling and trebling Britain’s energy bills.

All Miliband demonstrated last week, as he made that mindless little bid for electoral popularity, which promptly knocked £3 billion off the energy companies’ shares, was that he is as little fitted to become prime minister as any other politician can have been in history.

Ed, lad...it's not a real certificate
Ed, lad…it’s not a real certificate

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