Alastair Campbell: the tumour on the body politic

So true...
So true…

More than three years ago, The Knife pointed out Alastair Campbell’s resemblance to a recurrent tumour. Believe me, it sort of makes sense.

Anyway, as anyone who saw his latest attempt at bullying journalists will know, he is, for someone regularly sanctimoniously opining about mental health issues, almost psychotic at times.  He won’t go away, he’s not a politician, he just gets wheeled out to do the eyes bulging thug performance on behalf of others. To quote Old Holborn: ” I would kindly remind the dry alcoholic nutcase that he is neither elected nor representative of anyone but his own twisted soul”

There is no shortage of intelligent and extremely well informed opinion on what Campbell is really like and the long lasting damage that he’s done.  Peter Oborne and Stephen Glover are must reads.  Unlike Damian McBride, and perhaps even his erstwhile boss Tony (who dumped him), Campbell shows no insight, no sense of atonement, and no signs of being happy.  Guido’s commenter Schrodinger’s Cat, sums it up very pithily:

People can, and do, choose to buy the Daily Mail.

They were not given the same choice with Alastair Campbell, but it cost them and us much, much more.

Twins, of a sort.
Twins, of a sort.

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