Hypocrite maximus: Nick Clegg of course

Why would any sentient being vote for a party with Nick Clegg as leader?

While that question awaits its answer (there is no reason), here’s further proof of Nick’s awe inspiring hypocrisy.

Proportions of democratically elected MP’s:

Labour 258/650 = 40%

Conservative 307/650 = 47%

Lib Dem 57/650 = 9%

Today’s new intake to the House of Lords:

Labour 5/30 = 17%

Conservative 14/30 =47%

Lib Dem 10/30 = 33%

…and as the Lib Dems never tire of telling us, the Lords is not a democratic process. So they have 9% of the MP’S, and even though they did get 23% of the popular vote,  even that is significantly below what they’ve awarded themselves in this latest tranche of freeloading has-beens to enter the Lords.

The thing that really sticks though is that the useless, pointless tofu-munching bastards in theory despise the Lords. Remember Clegg’s fit of pique when he didn’t get his Lords reform through? He makes Gordon Brown look like James Madison.

Iain Martin revived a theme The Knife used back in 2010: should we laugh, or be scared when Clegg, incredibly, is in charge for a couple of weeks? The answer is we should be scared, but on the other hand, he and his buddies are so utterly clueless and inept, Dave’ll be back before they’ve worked out how to press the red button.

Roll on 2015.

No Nick, OPEN your mouth before trying to push it into your face
No Nick, OPEN your mouth before trying to push it into your face

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