The two Yins: there is no “right” Miliband

When people claim that Labour picked the “wrong” Miliband as their leader, it’s worth reflecting that this is not, in today’s cliche, a ‘zero sum game‘. There is no such thing as a “right” Miliband. Far from being Yin and Yang, they’re both Yin, defined handily thus:

Yin is characterized as slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, cold, wet, and passive

Seriously, how accurate is that?

In several posts (1, 2, 3, 4!) , The Knife pointed out a while back how utterly crap Mili-D was in reality, despite the hype. The classic politician who’s never had a proper job, mastering bullshit and grabbing whatever he can for himself. Politicians with a bizarre sense of entitlement are a very British problem.

Fraser Nelson takes up the theme, following this weekend’s Marr interview:

If you were to make a talking doll of David Miliband, it would come out with the kind of guff he divested himself of today. He seemed to speak in pre-packaged cliched: “one day in government is worth a thousand in opposition”, “in the end, it’s the right place for centre-left parties to be”… “in tune with the modern world” etc. And he had a new cliche: “If you over-calculate, you miscalculate” – evidently the lesson he has drawn from the past few years. “Don’t over-calculate,” he advised Marr a second or two later, “because you miscalculate”.

And then came the sub-David Brent platitudes. “Never lead your life by looking through the rear view mirror,” he advised viewers. And as for losing to his brother? “You have the Murrays who win and the Djokovics who come second.” So he’s not a loser, he’s a Djokovic. He made big play of rejecting the “conventional assumptions” about the next election – he dares to think that a majority government is less likely than a coalition. Except that IS the conventional view: the bookies have the shortest odds on a Labour majority, and a Tory majority is second-favourite. Odds on another coalition, of any variety, are very long. So even Miliband’s unconventional views were actually conventional.

This post, though,  comes not to praise Ed, but to still bury him. Along with his brother.

..really...where do I start?
..really…where do I start?



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