The Guardian: you do have to be mad to work here

Sean Thomas is a very perceptive and funny writer – Telegraph blogs, Twitter and various books. His latest gem is a fantastic, yet failed, attempt to subvert the Guardian’s Comment is Free pages. Basically this is their version of Telegraph blogs, sans wit, humour, relevance, quality prose etc. Boy, does it attract nutters. Knox’s plan  was to write stuff so extreme, mad and left wing that even Guardian readers would smell a rat. Sadly, the crazier the stuff he wrote, the more approvals he got. For example, on the well known lefty  nutjob plagiarist Johann Hari  :

“Look at the Mail or the Murdoch press, they destroy ENTIRE LIVES. Look at the government, literally smearing the faces of the Disabled in chicken filth….Look at Cameron and Osborne, strutting around in jackboots, stamping on the heads of hardworking women, kicking the faces of paraplegics, jumping up and down on the spines of the unemployed and cackling. Compared to that Hari is nothing.”

That got 45 “recommends”.

Which brings us to today’s Guardian. There is hope. Here is the headline:

No surprises there...
No surprises there…

Followed happily, in the comments by:

..oh dear...
..oh dear…

and one more example


Possibly not the wittiest prose, but it seems that EVEN regular Guardian readers are beginning to meet with real life. Shame about the journalists.


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