Cuba and the Great Satan

How many Communist countries are there left in the world? I suppose China is one, by a certain definition, but with a rash of Bentley dealerships and quarterly growth of 6-12%, it’s really more of a capitalist dictatorship. And it lends money to us poor capitalists, stacks of it. So I’m not including China.

There are quite a few countries with Communist parties in power to some degree, like Bolivia and Cyprus (oddly), but they’re not Communist countries as such. Vietnam and Laos fall under Chinese influence, and so they’re single party sort-of Communist states, but not that noisy about it. Which leaves everyone’s favourite bogeyman, North Korea, who even the Chinese are embarrassed about, and technically they espouse wacky variant  Juche rather than old fashioned Communism, and then there’s Cuba.

Yes, Cuba are it really. And given that their best pals internationally are Venezuela and our own Ken Livingstone, it’s no surprise that their worst enemy is the USA, right next door. Everyone knows this, Bay of Pigs etc etc.

All of this is a preamble to one of the great geopolitical mysteries of our time: if Cuba hate the Great Satan (copyright “the Iranians”) so much, why is the WORST, most EVIL manifestation of America’s alleged  global abuse of power sitting on Cuban soil at Guantanamo Bay? Not that The Knife has much of a problem with Gitmo, far from it.

The answer is that they are endearingly sticking to the terms of the 1903 Cuban-American treaty. This seems to involve an occasional rent cheque of a few thousand dollars, which is pretty cheap when you consider the cost of a holiday there, and some grumbling from the Cuban dictatorship , to a very modest degree. Amusingly, Castro apparently genuinely cashed one of these cheques, which effectively ratified the treaty, though the rest are stuffed in a desk drawer. I’m not making this up.

So, the world’s only real superpower is housing a motley collection of dodgy terrorist types in a jail on the only true, hardcore Communist country left on the planet, which happens to be their sworn enemy, and the Commies basically keep their mouths shut about it.

Pathetic. And you call yourselves revolutionaries?

Don't get your hopes up, lads..
Don’t get your hopes up, lads..

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