“Anything allowed, as long as it’s funny….”

Jimmy...is that you?
Jimmy…is that you?

…which is what Bernard Manning used to say. Although he was “refreshingly” un-PC, I’m afraid I never found him much of a laugh, but the point is well made. And, as I’ve pointed out before, most “comedians” are just crap.

Just as well really, as I recently saw the frankly awesome Jerry Sadowitz live. Now Sadowitz is funny, very very funny. But completely beyond the pale. Everyone gets it. He knows no boundaries, but it’s a tightly written and rehearsed act, along with the fact that he is a stupendous magician. Extremely talented, but after an hour and a half, you’re exhausted.

Normally I would link to a video, but..er..there aren’t really any, partly because Jerry doesn’t want people pinching his material. Fair enough as there are lots of wannabe Sadowitz’s out there, such as the somewhat limited Frankie Boyle . This video, frankly, is tame but you get a flavour of it.. His last brief TV series The People vs Jerry Sadowitz  was pulled – too offensive. He is a national treasure, and on tour this year. Gigs are pretty rare, so grab your chance.

There’s plenty of other stuff out there with an appallingly rude – but very funny – American, the unique Gilbert Gottfried. Try this, if you’re over 18. I particularly liked the unicorn.


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