Miliband update: no change

Two and a half years ago, The Knife pointed out just how cretinously bad Ed Miliband was during an interview – before the Labour leadership elections – on the generally sympathetic BBC Radio 4. He was truly dismal.

Well, nothing’s changed for the “waffling Left-wing weirdo, son of a Marxist professor” as Littlejohn has acutely dubbed him in the Mail. He couldn’t even cope with a mild grilling by the blatantly pro-Labour James  “nochtie”  Naughtie, without collapsing in a heap of irrelevancies. None of this should be construed as praise for his equally bad overrated brother.

The bizarre thing is that he could quite feasibly become PM by default (although I lack the imaginative reach  to see it actually happening), such is the weirdness of the British electoral system. Every Labour supporter that I know thinks he’s useless, and they’re right. Although a number of lefties are getting quite enthused about the next election due mainly to the mathematical difficulties of securing an outright Dave majority, more cautious voices are still in evidence.

To repeat a quote from an earlier post, from one of Labour’s own:

“One shouldn’t really judge people on their appearances, but I think we can make an exception in the case of Ed.

Prime ministerial...
Prime ministerial…
..and Ed
..and Ed

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