The Dawkins-Moyles effect

It’s the same old story: several years of high profile media adulation, pontificating personalised drivel to the fans, then a sad and inexorable slide into the periphery, each new effort  exuding slightly more desperation than the last. Yup, Chris Moyles and Richard Dawkins have a lot in common.

Even The Knife was aware of Chris Moyles, without really listening to his self-congratulatory guff on the radio. Now I read – haven’t watched it, obviously – of his latest effort, a sub-Take Me Out existential struggle on Sky called the Love Machine. Nobody watches it.

In an eerie parallel, this blog’s favourite pantomime dame, Richard “Tricky Dicky” Dawkins, has been sounding off again about – gulp – God’s nonexistence, on TV. Only it’s not the BBC,  not ITV, not even Sky. It’s Al-Jazeera, where I would guess that Tricky’s audience will be at best baffled, if they bother to watch him at all. That might be in his best interests of course, in terms of his personal safety.

How the mighty have fallen.

Of course, Christmas is always an awkward time for the professional miserabilist, so he has my sympathy. On a festive ecumenical note I can’t help but agree with lefty Muslim Mehdi Hasan, right wing Jew Melanie Phillips, and middle of the road Catholic  Christina Odone, that Tricky’s been busted. Or to use an aphorism from his new target audience:

The dogs keep barking, but the caravan moves on.

Only "probably"? What a wuss.
Only “probably”? What a wuss.

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