Blanchflower: the reliably wrong hypocrite.

Naturally I would avoid the Daily Mirror, but I noticed that the anti-guru, David Blanchflower, the “brains” behind Gordon Brown’s one man destruction of our economy was sounding off:

What George Osborne has done to the economy is the worst policy mistake for a century. It’s as bad as that. A disaster.

“the worst policy mistake for a century”??? Are you sure? What about yours and Gordon’s nearly successful attempt to bankrupt the UK?

Blanchflower is used to being wrong. Happily, the Mirror has a few enlightened readers who have already commented on Dave’s sermon:

Ahhh the well known leftie and Labour supporting Blanchflower says Osborne has got it wrong. Now that is the revelation of the day.
This is the guy that likes Britain so much, he moved to America.

If you have a look above there is no idea what he thinks we should be doing. But one can guess it will include borrowing more money that we do not have to fund schemes that few want

Come on Mirror even you can do better.  Next you will drag out the other leftie Krugman

This post is not an attempt to praise Osborne, but one of many to re-emphasise just how catastrophically destructive his predecessors were, and to note the predictable irony (see also Sean Connery/Scotland) that the wealthy Blanchflower doesn’t even live here. Of course he doesn’t.

‘A’ is where Blanchflower actually lives.

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