Semantic abuse

Here we go again:

The Conservatives should investigate allegations that Lynton Crosby made inappropriate comments about Muslims, Labour’s vice chair has said.

“These are very serious allegations, which call into question the Prime Minister’s decision to appoint Lynton Crosby. These allegations must be investigated and if they are true, David Cameron must condemn them”, Labour MP Michael Dugher said. 

“Appointing the arch right-winger who ran the Tories’ 2005 election campaign shows once again that David Cameron can’t be the One Nation Prime Minister Britain needs.” 

And here’s the headline:


So, Lynton Crosby allegedly used the phrase “f****** muslims” at some unspecified point in his life.

Just for the record, it may be uncalled for, it may be offensive to many, it may indicate a character flaw and so on. But it’s not racist.

Muslims are not a separate race, nor are gypsies, nor, even,  are the Scots.

Conflating race with just about anything is not just pathetic playing to the gallery, it’s factually incorrect.


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