The Obamarama: what next?

Two more significant points regarding the election result.

Firstly, the Republicans are in control of the House of Representatives. Obama cannot steamroller them easily. He’ll have to be a bit nicer than he’s used to being, given the inbuilt restrictions of his job, surprisingly.  John Boehner , Speaker of the House, may be pragmatic, but he’s no pushover. The Republicans will play it tough, I think.

Secondly, and more amusingly, America’s version of Nick Clegg, the laughable and laughing Joe Biden, has been dropping hints that he’ll aim for the presidency in 2016. This will horrify the Democrats, who would probably rather have Romney as their candidate than Joe. Particularly as the Obama era will be over then, and the Republicans have a slew of promising candidates – Christie, Rubio, Ryan, Jindal etc . Expect Joe to have “health problems” nearer the time.

Just think, when I’m prime minister, you’ll be president

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