America, you’ve been Blaired.

The Knife has been here before, that same feeling of battening down the hatches that I had in 1997, 2001 and 2005. That was when our very own White Obama went on his rampage through the institutions. The damage checklist is impressive: the economy, the armed forces, public morality, attempts to destroy the independence of the clergy and the doctors, flagrantly sucking up to terrorists,  a gross overwhelming statism creating a huge number of future Labour voters, and an extraordinary, almost unimaginable national debt, putting us in hock to people who we should be keeping at arm’s length. Uncanny how similar it is.

White Obama? Gee, thanks.

At least they can only have four more years of Obama. As one tweeter said overnight:  Oh well, a sad day, but this was hardly unexpected. In 4 years the national debt will be so large that it will be too late.

And, for once getting something right, the greasy hypocrite Michael Moore:  This… Is America. 2012. The old days, the old ways, officially gone. This is who we are now. Sorry, world, that you even had to worry...

Only I think we should be worried.

One of the biggest disappointments from a parochial British view, is that had Romney won, he would have almost certainly gone to work on tax cutting supply side measures and reducing the state – a la Maggie – and as is the way of these things, Dave would probably have been emboldened to follow, somewhat different to our very tentative attempts to cut public spending and expecting the middle classes to cough up for everything. That happy thought seems less likely now. The one positive thing is that if America does become energy independent, even while paying lip service to climate change blah blah, the UK might just get fracking properly.

One thing that Dave and Obama do have in common is that Obama was quite correct when at various points – in mitigation for his crap record – he stated that it would take more than 4 years to get things back on track. The only problem, and the main reason for voting against him, is that he was showing no signs of having started to do so.

Still, as with the Blair/Brown Terror, this is what democracy does, and we must live with its consequences. It’s instructive to note that Romney and Obama on the popular vote were very close. The US Electoral College is not quite as bad as the UK’s hopelessly biased constituency system, but on this occasion it’s given Obama a veneer of respectability in what was a very polarised election.

Returning to the Blair analogy: we all know how that ended. America, you have been warned.

…it’s all gone.

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