Paedophilia is wrong…er…on the NHS

As if by magic, following yesterday’s post on the BBC, tying itself in knots over Jimmy Savile, actually condoning underage sex, comes this little gem.

Someone called Amy Danahay, apparently connected with Warwickshire Council, and with NHS funding, explains:

‘We have completed the young people’s wish list.

‘They asked for the sextionary, pleasure zones and the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered honestly.

‘There is also a section for parents as we believe it is important to keep them involved.

‘The site is primarily for young people aged 13 upwards but some of the information may be useful for young people experiencing puberty.

‘The website deals with this curiosity in a fun, yet carefully thought through and educational way.’

All of which is marvellous no doubt, but, how can one put this,a little inappropriate, and in part illegal. However, in the interests of broadmindedness, I have to highlight this valuable specific  piece of advice: ‘sex with animals is illegal, fantasising is not’

That’s cleared that up.

Nope…doesn’t do it for me

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