How to patronise an entire nation (Scotland)

The noted blogger Mr Eugenides is available on Twitter, and more recently on Think Scotland, rather than his own blog. As a Scottish right of centre man, he’s in a minority, but he knows all the bullshit that goes on in the very small goldfish bowl of Scottish politics:

“Forward”, of course, is the slogan under which the Tartanissimo will stand this afternoon to deliver his keynote address. But, if it is to be anything more than the regular cask-strength bullshit, we need a vision for the future. Nats so often accuse Unionists of negativism; well, here’s your chance. Open a window into our shared future. Yet what did we get from his loyal deputy, “Gnasher” Sturgeon, on the first day of the conference? With what starry-eyed vision were we presented? “Better off to the tune of £500 for every man, woman and child in Scotland”, she intoned. “That is the independence dividend.” £500… f*** me. Are we so easily bought? Is this what our long struggle has brought us to – £500? How utterly banal. The arc of the moral universe is long, Conference, but it bends towards seven nights in Fuertaventura, half-board.

The Knife has long held the view that Alex Salmond, and his exclusive band of effusive toadies are  very overrated. The main reason that his bluff hasn’t yet been entirely called is the lack of an opposition, both in the other parties and in his own dismal bunch. That is now slowly changing. It’s not as if the SNP are actually competent.

The above quote really sums up how shallow and desperate the SNP are. How much contempt must theyhave for the average Scottish punter?  Buy off the voters with cheap thrills, paid for by Westminster, and hope that Dave doesn’t pull the plug on the cash. Pathetic.

They can forget about independence.

Gnasher plays hard to get

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