Police, help!

Like many people, The Knife feels a little ambivalent about the police. For most of the  pleasant and helpful encounters – and I have had quite a few, one way or another – there has been an officious, mean, bullying quota-grabbing one, albeit usually related to minor traffic issues. Even though Andrew Mitchell is unappealing, one senses that the police, who seem remarkably sensitive these days, have stitched him up.

So I was amused by this quote from “launcher”, one of the commenters in Telegraph blogs:

Under no circumstances ever invite the police into your life; they are not on your side, they just want to rape taxpayers. They are all counting down to retirement; ‘I have 172 days to go, then I get my lump sum, buy a van and out-compete those in the private sector’.The police disgust me.
PS the same applies to ‘firefighters’.

I particularly liked the ‘PS’

…you’re going down

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