Political Nostradamus (1): Clegg’s fate

This blog is brimming with Nick Clegg-related vitriol, and why not?  He is  a deceitful solipsistic cactus-hating high IQ sex-crazed wrecking ball of a politician. The most bizarre point in the last election campaign was undoubtedly Cleggy’s brief burst of popularity with “the kids” after he blethered his way through the first debate. Not that it lasted , and it’s often forgotten that had he not been offered a coalition spot, he would have been dumped because of his party’s dreadful electoral performance. He got lucky.

That said, here is Stephen Glover, in a very fine article which summarises the problem, and makes a modest prophecy of sorts:

Let me predict that, in the final months of this Parliament, the political chameleon that is the Deputy Prime Minister will turns his guns on David Cameron in a last-ditch attempt to save his political skin.

He will show the same vituperation towards his erstwhile comrade-in-arms that he has towards those who have dared oppose his beloved plans for same-sex marriage. By the time that happens, though, no one in his own party or any other will have much time for this arrogant and intolerant man.

As Nick Clegg loves Europe so much, and Britain so little, he will doubtless rejoice as much as the rest of the country when the electors of Sheffield Hallam have finished with him at the next election, and he can remove himself permanently to Brussels.

If he lasts that long.
Cleggy ponders his reputation

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