The Evil Ed

From today’s Independent, an article by John Rentoul, considering the undoubtedly troubled relationship between  Ed **** Miliband and his semi-psychotic chum, Ed Balls. Note my emphasis, in bold:

Despite Balls’s conviction that he called it right in condemning the coalition’s cuts as “too far, too fast”, he and Miliband are united in accepting the Government’s plans, whatever they will be by 2015, with just two exceptions. They want to spend more on the NHS, and cut student tuition fees, both of which would be paid for by an extra tax. They want something that the voters would support, like the windfall tax on the privatised utilities in 1997. The prime candidate is the mansion tax on houses worth more than £2m. If they can make that work, it is possible to see how Cameron could lose the next election.

As recent posts here have indicated, the very last thing an unreformed and nearly unreformable (at this rate) NHS needs is a commitment to yet more spending, particularly if it’s based, as it would be, on borrowed cash and higher taxes, rather than a booming economy. It would be like feeding burgers to a 20 stone child, expensive and bad for everyone.

For this reason alone, amid many, many others, this pair of Eds should never get back into power. They just don’t get it.

You hate me, don’t you?……Yes.

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