A very bad start

That didn’t take long. Within a couple of days of taking up her new post, Tory MP and new Under-Secretary of State for Health Anna “I hate bullshit” Soubry, showed her intuitive grasp of which health issue is gripping the nation:

“I think it’s ridiculous and appalling that people have to go abroad to end their life instead of being able to end their life at home.”

The same sense of priority then as her boss, Dave, with his frankly weird obsession with the semantics of homosexual partnerships, or Tony Blair’s long overdue and historically significant ban or…er…fox hunting.

A more measured approach might have included a discussion about the NHS’s inadequate palliative care facilities, which Ms Soubry appears rather less interested in. Happily, as Anna’s majority is a mere 0.9% of the vote, she will almost certainly be free in a couple of years to wander round the country, applying the pillow herself.

The new DoH discussion document


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