Irrational prejudices – how to spot a fraud

We all have prejudices, some of them possibly justified, some less so. I don’t for one minute believe that ALL cravat wearers are potential paedophiles, for example.

The Knife has a problem with people who join MENSA, or vote Liberal Democrat, and I’m pretty certain that when a doctor tells you he/she really cares for their patients – with the implication that you don’t – the opposite is true. That’s the equivalent of Tony Blair’s desperate “I’m a straight kind of guy”, happily now comprehensively debunked.

These are the kind of qualities that other people are meant to attribute to you.

I  spotted another one today, in the Daily Mail. Not only should you be suspicious of anyone who uses a single initial as their first name, never trust a man who uses a quill pen..

L Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology

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