Barack Obama is racist

Who wrote this?

Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose your job. Recovery is when Obama loses his job.

The answer is  IAm MackWilliams from the Black Republican Twitter feed.

Before the UK 2010 election the blogs were going haywire with excitement and a gleeful determination to get rid of Gordon Brown and all his works. The corollary of this is that after Broon went, things felt a bit flat. Two of the finest blogs, Mr Eugenides (happily still on Twitter) and The Orange Party actually closed down for this reason. Their work was done.

Now, in the US, things are hotting up similarly for the November election. Obama’s record is patchy, if one is being polite, and appalling, if one is being realistic: black unemployment nearly 15%, the dreaded Obamatax fiasco in healthcare, a spitefully calculated attack on the Catholic church and a truly dangerous staggering mind boggling debt. He’s going to find it difficult to run on his record.

No matter, because he reckons he has the black vote in the bag. Which is where BlackRepublican comes in. These guys are highly active and very sharp. They’re also funny. The central thesis is that they’re pissed off that Obama regards the black electorate as his own, despite blatantly failing them.

Granted that most of the black vote will indeed go to Obama, but there’s been a vigorous discussion on Twitter as to how much of a swing in this voting group would there need to be to tip the balance  to Romney and the Republicans: the answer is probably not much. Romney, who seems to be carefully building his case, is addressing the annual convention of the influential National Association for the Advancement of Colored People imminently.

The central issue here though, is not race, it’s something else. Just as Labour in Scotland always assumed that they had the Catholic vote stitched up and as the Tories have been stupidly dismissive of UKIP as a haven for Eurosceptics, this is about taking the electorate for granted. Big mistake.

To quote (again), the dynamic Kevin Jackson:

‘The problem is the majority of the people who did vote for Obama were voting for him on one condition and that condition is he’s black and that is racism. My issues with Obama are that if you take colour off Obama’s resumé and look at his ability to run the country, there is no way he would have been elected. If Barack Obama were anything other than half black, if he were half Chinese or half Irish, there is no way on God’s earth that he would have got elected. He got elected based on colour and that is ridiculous.’

Yup, Barack Obama is racist.

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