20% of the NHS

From Littlejohn, today:

Why has there been so little outrage over the Government’s defence cuts? If ministers were slashing staff numbers by 20 per cent in any other area of the public services, the BBC and the Labour Party would be incandescent.

Just imagine the furious reaction if they proposed sacking a fifth of all those working in the National Health Service. The bleeding hearts would have a field day. Hand-wringing reporters would be interviewing men and women sobbing into their P45s and railing against the ‘savage’ cutbacks.

By an amazing coincidence, 20% is exactly what should be cut from the bloated NHS budget. I know, because I work in it. Right enough, it would mean sacking people and dropping “services”, but on both counts there are lists longer than my arms of which staff and which services could go, and no-one would be any less healthy. Believe me there is that much slack and waste in the system, and that includes some doctors.

Not me though, obviously.

My new NHS management tool

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