The Ten WORST Films of All Time.

The Telegraph‘s film critic, Robbie Collin, has just published his 10 greatest movies. Here they are:

Sunrise – Murnau, 1927
 Thieves – De Sica, 1948
Singin’ In The Rain
 – Donen/Kelly, 1952
Ugetsu Monogatari
 (Tales of Moonlight and Rain) – Mizoguchi, 1953
Les Vacances de M. Hulot
 (Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday) – Tati, 1953
 – Kobayashi, 1962
 – Bergman, 1966
Back To The Future
 – Zemeckis, 1985
My Neighbour Totoro
 – Miyazaki, 1988
There Will Be Blood
 – Anderson, 2007

To my shame, I’ve only seen two of them, you can probably guess which, and I like to think I’m pretty switched on cinema-wise. Though clearly not.

To Collin’s credit, he goes out of his way to avoid cliched choices, like Citizen Kane and Casablanca, so I would accept that he’s not being a windbag – he probably does rate them all (Back To The Future??). The following comments section is stuffed with other people’s lists, some of them quite interesting.

I sort of have my own top ten, but it occurred to me that a bottom ten would be more fun, and my contribution to Dave’s Big Society. These are not the arch clever clever “so bad it’s good” group, they’re just shite. In no order – they’re all appalling – here we go:

1. Love Actually


2. Reservoir Dogs

3. Life of Brian

4. Peter’s Friends

5. Any Harry Potter

6. Gandhi

7.An Inconvenient Truth

8. Hostel 2

9. The Cat in The Hat

10. Patch Adams (this is so uniquely dreadful it probably merits its own category. Dante would have made watching this his 10th circle of Hell)

Yes, I know, they’re weighted to being British and fairly contemporary, but I’m confident that these megaturkies will stand the test of time as being unremittingly crap. And if this post saves one person from the horrors of Love Actually or Patch Adams, then my work on this earth is complete.

…beyond hateable


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