Real blues


There are a small number of nominally leftie writers and bloggers who are always worth reading, honest and, very importantly, funny with it. They include Dan Hodges, Hopi Sen and in this case, Sadie Smith.

The latter is, as she puts it, a lowly bag-carrier rather than an MP or special adviser, but she’s been on the web for a long time, and is a terrific writer and a natural wit.

The reason for writing this is that her post on depression – her own – is the best summary I’ve ever read of that terrible state, and how it can affect intelligent, busy, otherwise functioning people.

It’s still characteristically amusing, but the pain is real, and the conclusion practical, if not entirely uplifting. Although The Knife is a crude unthinking hacker part of the time, I’m also an ordinary doctor, and this short piece really should be read by all medical students.


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