Necrophilia…it’s what she would have wanted

Before you read on, I apologise for the title of this post. When Tony Blair wasted stacks of effort and parliamentary time on half-banning fox hunting, I was dismayed by his sense of priority. Now that Dave is obsessing about the key issue that affects that all Britons and desperately needs resolving – gay marriage, you idiots, not the economy  – I had a horrible feeling of deja vu. However, these initiatives seem like milestones of Jeffersonian democracy compared to what’s proposed in Egypt.

Yes, just what you always needed, legislation to enshrine the right of the husband to have sex with his wife’s corpse up to 6 hours after death. I’m not making this up. And with a taster that 14 year old girls be allowed to marry, presumably to maintain the supply lines for all those virile Egyptian widowers.

Right enough, that’s Egypt, but given the Archbishop of Canterbury’s promotion of sharia law, and George Galloway’s shameless behaviour in Bradford, I would advise the ladies of West Yorkshire to watch their step, and stay healthy.

**If it’s shown to be untrue, I’ll withdraw this post, but for future reference it’s been tagged the “farewell intercourse” law. Honestly.

I was only 1 minute over!

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